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      冲刺心语:The peace in the world
      信息来源:导航音乐学校   发布时间:2014-11-24   浏览:

          I once read the sentence:“To make this world a happy place to live.You’d better change yourself and your heart,instead of whole world,”I was shocked it make me think about life itself.There are so many things around us that go against our will.We can’t force life to follow our wishes.The earth won’t stop turning no whether we accept it or not what we what we can do is just make ourselves suit the world.T think we should learn to accept what life gives us,no matter whether it’s the spring sunlight or the winter snowfall,and try to be happy. 

          Deeply moved by the pop-song Grandmother (By Jay Chou).I always try to catch every pleasant moments.It is more likely that they slip by and leaving you feeling regretful.I realize that I’m not just living for myself and that there are the others around me.I should think of,they all pay attentions to my growing up,even if it’s just a little progress.

          Everyone has his or her own attitude towards life,be positive or negative.It doesn’t matter,I think there is one rule that should be obeyed and that’s to make this world better.



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